About Us

angelsIn 1936 the new preplanned community of the Village of Greendale was established with it’s own distinct architecture, new homes, green belts and many pedestrian pathways. These hearty pioneer first residents immediately established their own school system, government, churches, businesses and forms of entertainment.

The Village was patterned after the English Garden City concept that emphasized the use of parks and large open spaces called Green Belts. The quaint village homes were constructed of cinder block, pine beamed ceilings and tile roofs.

Greendale GazeboAs with all human nature there was a desire to enjoy and improve living conditions and this also extended to the development of flower and vegetable gardens, thus Greendale became known as the Garden Community.

In 1995, some Greendale residents were aware that the many hidden gardens along the many pedestrian pathways and green belts in the oldest sections of the village were almost unknown and not being appreciated by the general population.

logo1a1They established a committee called Greendale Garden Gazing and Bruce Bond created a special logo just for the group. Their goal was and remains to emphasize the warmth, friendliness and concept of Greendale as the Garden Community.

This was done by designing ever changing, free, self-guided walking garden tours. The tour starts at the Gazebo in downtown Greendale, and is where garden tour maps are distributed by volunteers.

The tour moves from one Featured Garden to another, with most of the gardeners available to answer questions about their flowers or garden design.

2014-P1050974Members of Greendale Garden Gazing
Back row: Chris Holley, Jan Seitz, Paula Wallner, Susan Milarch
Front row: Pam Kania, JoAnn Richards

2019 marked the 25th Annual Greendale Garden Walking Tour, which started in 1995.

There are refreshments and popcorn for our walkers. Two free baskets full of gardening-related gifts, donated by our sponsors, are given away at two free drawings.


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